Predictive maintenance & failure detection.

Capte's deep telemetry datasets, coupled with its high-performance query processor, enable the detection and prediction of a wide range of failures.

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Key benefits

Proactive protection, enhanced reliability.

Failure & Misuse Detection

Experience expert-level detection of failures and misuse for enhanced equipment reliability and operational efficiency.

Consumable Care

Ensure the longevity of coolant, oil, and brake pads while eliminating costly breakdowns and reducing the expense of blind, time-based maintenance.

Integrated Maintenance

Effortlessly feed CMMS software with precise data from ensuring maintenance triggers are relevant, whether based on hours, distances, or detected failures.

Main features

Get a hold of your particular problems.

In the world of monitoring, one size doesn't fit all. Whether you're managing machinery, trucks, dumpers, or even cutting-edge Hydrogen-powered trolleybuses, Diag module is your adaptable ally. We've designed it to be highly configurable, allowing you to craft detection rules that align with your unique business needs. Our commitment is to ensure that even the most specific requirements find a home within the Diag module, offering a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates your business-specific nuances into the software.

Main features

Avoid the Christmas tree pitfall.

The core aim of the Diag module is to keep you informed when issues are either in progress or on the horizon. We prioritize relevance, recognizing that overwhelming you with alerts is counterproductive. We prevent your system from resembling a distracting 'Christmas tree' of alerts that can lead to annoyance and eventual disregard. Instead, we focus on delivering precise and meaningful notifications that preserve their value, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and equipment reliability.

Main features

By and for the workshop.

The Diag module is the outcome of years of collaboration with maintenance experts from various workshops. It's a streamlined, no-nonsense software that distills extensive data into meaningful alerts and reports, delivering a concentrated essence of actionable insights without overwhelming users with complexity or irrelevant information.


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