Personalized, context-specific driver efficiency scoring, enabling more targeted and effective management interventions.

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Eco-Driving with Context.

Eco-Line by Capte transforms eco-driving by offering personalized, context-rich efficiency scoring, ensuring each driver's performance is evaluated based on their specific routes and operational challenges, making management interventions more targeted and effective.


Macro to Micro.

Eco-Line’s analytics highlight broad driving trends and enables a deep dive into specific runs for detailed insights, aiding precise interventions for improved efficiency.

Mixed Fleet friendly

Ensuring that driving behavior analysis is relevant and precise, reflecting the unique characteristics and performance metrics of each energy type.

Route-Centric Insights

High-level insights, centered around specific routes, provide an overview of driving trends, enabling a comprehensive understanding of performance metrics and behavior patterns across diverse operational landscapes.

Targeted improvements

Trace back to the specific trips that contributed to these trends. This feature enables targeted action, allowing for precise interventions to enhance overall driving efficiency.

Main features

Insightful activity statistics.

Eco-Line extends beyond just eco-driving metrics, offering a suite of statistics derived from the rich telemetry data of WeCapte v6x, contextualized by AVMS activities. It provides detailed insights into energy and emission costs per route and overall deadhead costs, turning complex data into actionable intelligence for informed high-level decision-making.

Main features

Main features


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