360° Yard Monitoring.

Managing a bus yard comes with unique challenges that demand precision, control, and reliability. That's why we've designed a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of the most demanding customers.

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Key benefits

Precision, control, reliability.

Streamlined Operations

Achieve efficient bus yard management through precise positioning, reducing congestion, and optimizing space utilization.

Dependable Charging

Ensure dependable charging infrastructure, keeping your electric buses charged and ready to go.

Enhanced Visibility

Gain complete insight into your yard's operations, enabling data-driven decisions for smoother management.

Main features

Indoor & Outdoor positioning.

Combine the power of UWB (Ultra-Wideband) indoor tracking device with the WeCapte v6x, featuring a dual-frequency GPS positioning chip. This integration enables you to achieve precision positioning for your buses both indoors and outdoors, right down to the parking spot.

Main features

Remote charger control.

Empower yourself with remote control capabilities for your chargers, initiating charging, scheduling sessions, or performing diagnostics without physical presence, saving time and resources.

Main features

Vehicles & Chargers on one screen.

Capte brings infrastructure and vehicles together in one interface, simplifying fleet management. Monitor and manage your electric buses and chargers seamlessly, ensuring optimal readiness and efficiency. Streamline operations, troubleshoot effortlessly, and make informed decisions with Capte's integrated solution.


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