Our approach

A Dynamic Ecosystem of Tools

At Capte, we’ve transcended the one-size-fits-all approach, introducing a dynamic ecosystem of tailored solutions, each meticulously designed to adapt to your unique operational needs.

Modular Flexibility

Designed to interconnect seamlessly, yet stand powerfully on their own. It’s a "variable geometry" approach that puts you in control, allowing the activation and deactivation of different components based on your evolving needs. Adaptability is our hallmark, ensuring that whether your operations are straightforward or complex, there’s a tailored configuration that fits.

Use cases

Inter-connectivity and Independence

Benefit from combined insights by integrating our offerings for a holistic view of your operations or opt for the focus of individual tools when precision and specialization are paramount.


Software Modules Overview

Depot interface dashboard


Helps you ensure that every vehicle is charged optimally, every square foot of the yard is utilized effectively, and every charging fault is addressed promptly.
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Dashboard Eco-fleet interface


Transforms complex, fleet-wide data into clear, actionable management insights, offering a holistic view of operational performance, energy use, and emissions.
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Eco-line dashboard interface


Personalized, context-specific driver efficiency scoring, enabling more targeted and effective management interventions.
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Dashboard diag interface


Tailored for the workshop, delivering real-time failure detection and practical tools to enhance technicians' efficiency in maintenance tasks.
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Dashboard entry interface


Begin with Clarity: Simple Fleet Management with Seamless Upgrades Ahead.
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