Transforms complex, fleet-wide data into clear, actionable management insights, offering a holistic view of operational performance, energy use, and emissions.

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Executive Oversight with Eco-Fleet.

While each module within the Capte suite is engineered to empower operational users with tools and insights for enhanced efficiency, Eco-Fleet stands distinct as the executive’s dashboard. It’s more than a tool; it’s a strategic asset that translates operational progress into measurable, high-level insights tailored for executive analysis and decision-making.


Company-Level Metrics.

Eco-Fleet bridges the gap between the ground-level operations and executive strategy, turning operational data into strategic insights, and daily progress into measurable, company-wide advancements.

Company-Level Metrics

Eco-Fleet elevates data analytics from operational levels to provide executives with a bird’s eye view of organizational performance, trends, and progress.

Progress Tracking

Witness the impact of operational enhancements in real-time, with analytics that quantify and visualize improvements and challenges at a glance.

Strategic Decision Support

Armed with holistic, company-wide insights, executives can make informed, data-driven decisions that align with organizational goals and operational realities.

Main features

Key management insights.

Eco-Fleet is where operational enhancement meets strategic oversight, ensuring that every step forward is measured, every improvement is noted, and every decision is backed by a universe of data, refined into precise, actionable, executive insights. Welcome to informed leadership, powered by Eco-Fleet.

Main features

Main features


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