WeCapte v6x Telemetry Device

Capte's in-house data-harvester, enabling reliable telemetry across a wide range of equipment.

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v6x - One Device, Infinite Possibilities.

Reliable upstream data is the lifeblood of effective monitoring, serving as the foundation for downstream data analysis.

The WeCapte v6x device excels in this critical role, boasting a diverse array of physical interfaces  and extensive configurability through the Capte configurator.

It acts as a powerful enabler, actively acquiring or passively sniffing data across multiple field protocols while maintaining complete read-only integrity and ensuring the equipment OEM's warranty remains untouched when paired with the Capte-Probe contactless reader.

Interfaces Rich

From CAN-BUS, Ethernet, RS232|485, BLE, and Analog at the physical level, to support for SAE J1939, Modbus, and CanOpen protocols at the application level.

Connectivity Champion

WeCapte v6x combines advanced in-house data compression and connectivity through LTE & NB-IoT backed by multi-profile eSIM. Connectivity is as good as you can get.

Superior positioning

Achieve below 1m CEP accuracy without RTK using breakthrough positioning technology and centimeter precise indoor positioning together with the UWB Add-on.

Main features

Direct Configuration, No Code Hassles.

The WeCapte v6x is easily configurable for a range of Serial or CAN-Signals, supporting protocols like J1939, CanOpen, Modbus, and more. Using the user-friendly Capte configurator, you can simply input signal descriptions and the device starts generating data instantly, all remotely. No intricate programming is required, ensuring a future-proof solution that adapts to emerging data and use cases.

Main features

Maximized Data, Minimized Energy Use.

WeCapte v6x transcends traditional equipment monitoring, offering critical insights even when the equipment is off. Powered by extra-low-power MCU combined with hybrid CAT-M & NB-IoT connectivity, it ensures low-power key-off monitoring, allowing precise battery state tracking and enhanced theft detection during downtime. With WeCapte, every silent moment is transformed into an opportunity for enhanced security and efficiency.

Main features

Transmitting Even in Low-Coverage Zones.

  • Advanced Data Compression: Proprietary in-house data compression technologies ensure that data transmission is swift, efficient, and economical. Dive into a world where every piece of insight is delivered with unmatched speed and precision.
  • LTE & NB-IoT Connectivity: Embark on a journey where connectivity limitations are a relic of the past. LTE & NB-IoT ensure that your data is transmitted even under harsh conditions.
  • Multi-Profile eSIM: The multi-profile eSIM ensures that no matter where your fleet is located, connectivity remains uninterrupted and robust, adapting to the best available network.

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