Monitor your vehicle's CAN-Bus system without making physical contact. CAN-Guard ensures zero intrusion, offering real-time insights while eliminating risks to your equipment’s warranty and cybersecurity.

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Unparalleled Safety and Security.

CAN-Guard is not just a device; it's peace of mind. Engineered for precision and safety, it captures data emitted as radiowaves from CAN-Bus wires, transforming them into actionable insights while protecting your equipment internal integrity & safety .

Ease of installation

You don’t even need a screwdriver!
CAN-Guard is nearly universal. Its innovative design ensures it works effectively without necessitating specialized connectors.

Warranty Safe

Say goodbye to the worries of voiding your vehicle’s warranty. CAN-Guard operates externally, ensuring no physical intrusion or alterations to the original wiring and systems.

Cybersecurity protected

Read your CAN-Bus traffic with zero risk of intrusion. It ensures a one-way flow of information, making it impossible to write or inject data onto the CAN-Bus, safeguarding against potential cyber threats.

Main features

Experience the Ease of CAN-Guard.

Embrace a world where innovation meets simplicity. CAN-Guard’s hassle-free installation means less bother.

Main features

Main features


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