Capte Telematics: GPS tracker on steroids.

Elevate your fleet management with Capte's advanced telematics solutions, offering deep data insights and a comprehensive suite of features to optimize performance and streamline operations.

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Key benefits

Fleet monitoring & beyond.

Unmatched Data Depth

The data depth offered by Capte's technology ensures you’re not limited by equipment diversity. You won’t have to compromise on feature richness or detail.

Clear Fleet Oversight

While a lot of data is collected, a significant amount of work is put into simplifying it so that it’s easily usable by users.

Mixed fleets friendly

Unlike most telematics solutions, Capte makes it convenient to monitor fleets comprised of various different equipments from different brands & generation.

Main features

The basics are here.

  • Track & Trace for real-time location
  • Data-logging
  • DTCO Download for compliance
  • Alerts & Geofencing
  • Custom Reports for tailored insights
  • Managed connectivity for a plug & play experience.
Main features

Deep Data Insights.

  • Harness a Rich Dataset: Unlike most telematics solutions that capture basic data, Capte goes deeper, providing a comprehensive dataset for diverse equipment running on various energy sources.
  • Versatile Analysis: Unlock advanced analytics to assess equipment performance and enhance warranty claims with factual data, taking fleet management to the next level.
  • (Elaborate) A range of modules from Workshop to Depot management. ( Talk about Depot & Yard & Workshop & Eco-Driving ).
Main features

Flexibility and Compatibility.

  • Data Rate Customization: Configure data rates from 1 to 255 seconds, allowing you to fine-tune your monitoring preferences.
  • Universal Compatibility: Capte-Cloud's configuring interface ensures compatibility across all vehicles, simplifying fleet-wide integration.
  • Reverse Engineering Expertise: When faced with unsupported vehicles, Capte's reverse engineering team steps in to investigate and acquire essential data, ensuring no equipment is left unmonitored.

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