Tailored for the workshop, delivering real-time failure detection and practical tools to enhance technicians' efficiency in maintenance tasks.

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Failure monitoring & prediction.

Diag efficiently interprets the extensive telemetry data gathered by WeCapte v6x, encompassing a range of metrics from pressures and temperatures to speeds and diverse operational parameters. It converts this rich data into accessible, actionable information. Anomalies and issues are identified and notified instantaneously, facilitating immediate response to ensure optimal equipment functionality.


An clear oversight of the technical situation.

Diag filters extensive data to deliver concise, relevant alerts and KPIs, allowing users to focus elsewhere, assured they’ll be notified only when essential.

Remote diagnostic data

Remotely assess dashboard faults in real-time and decide instantly if a vehicle stop is necessary, ensuring both safety and efficiency

Troubleshooting data

Replay telemetry data with Diag to pinpoint when and where a fault occurred, giving you contextual insights for informed decision-making

Predictive maintenance

Address recurring issues effectively using Diag’s algorithms, offering predictions on the status of engine, SCRs, brake-pads, transmission, battery, and more!

Main features

Advanced technical reporting.

Capte Diag enables a deep dive into your maintenance expenditure, offering insights into recurrent issues and their prevalence among different brands or makes of vehicles. Get detailed reports and analysis, laying out patterns and trends that can be instrumental during discussions with OEMs. With this enhanced clarity, your conversations are data-backed, focused, and yield more productive outcomes, paving the way for informed decision-making and strategic maintenance planning.

Main features

Main features


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