Helps you ensure that every vehicle is charged optimally, every square foot of the yard is utilized effectively, and every charging fault is addressed promptly.

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Depot monitoring system.

Navigating through the complexities of simultaneous charging of multiple vehicles, varying power costs, and the impact on battery health, the Depot module emerges as a precise tool offering optimized charging plans. It balances the immediate need for charging with the long-term objective of battery health preservation and cost optimization.


Clear shot of the infrastructure.

Particularly focusing on the intricacies of vehicle charging. “Depot” ensures that each vehicle is not only adequately charged for its upcoming tasks but does so in a manner that is both efficient and optimized.

Real-time monitoring

Operators are notified of any issues. Remote control of the chargers, ensure that disruptions are addressed promptly.

CNG Operations

Even when vehicles are off, real-time oversight ensures each vehicle, regardless of fuel type, is adequately prepared for upcoming duties, making diverse fuel management efficient and streamlined.

Indoor & Outdoor

Capte Depot ensures efficient yard management with precise real-time vehicle tracking, offering operators enhanced visibility and optimal space utilization.

Main features

Precision Analytics for Depot Operations.

Capte Depot provides detailed reports on energy use, costs, and charger utilization, enhancing cost management and operational efficiency. Real-time analytics monitor battery use to ensure compliance with warranty terms and quickly identify charger faults to reduce downtime. Parking pressure and vehicle uptime data are analyzed to optimize space and resource utilization. This rich, factual data equips operators with actionable insights for informed decision-making, directly impacting cost and operational efficiency.

Main features

Main features


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