Improve operation efficiency & sustainability.

Bridging Strategy and Execution with Capte Tools.

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Key benefits

Insights for Leaders, Empowerment for Teams.

Driving efficiency

Driving efficiency on a per-line or per-run basis, providing tangible data on each driver’s performance. Enabling continuous improvement grounded in tangible, actionable insights.

Downtime & parts

Identifying specific maintenance needs in advance allows for preemptive addressing of vehicle issues, leading to reduced downtime and optimized parts inventory.

Warranty claims

Deep telemetry provides detailed operational data, offering concrete evidence to support warranty claims against equipment OEMs, ensuring claims, are clear and fair.

Main features

High-level consolidated KPIs.

Capte's "Eco-Fleet" provides top management with a high-level overview, delivering consolidated insights on emissions, performance, and energy costs. It’s a strategic companion, offering a bird’s eye view infused with precision, aiding in informed decision-making.

Main features

Operational & practical tools.

On the ground, operational teams are equipped with "Eco-Line" and "Diag"; practical, actionable tools designed to enhance efficiency and simplify processes. These tools are not just about data but about enriching the work experience, making each task more intuitive, informed, and effective.

Main features

Together hand-in-hand.

It’s a synergy where strategic insights meet operational empowerment, fostering an environment where decisions are data-driven, actions are informed, and the work experience is as rewarding as it is productive. With Capte, leadership gains clarity, and teams find joy in efficiency.


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